Tuesday, 21 January 2020 10:12

RIB 42' SF for Cyprus Navy

FB Design has delivered to the Cyprus Navy two new RIB 42' SF

Sunday, 23 June 2019 09:56

First two FB 60' delivered to GdF


FB Design has delivered to Guardia di Finanza the first two boats of the 7000 family and 8 more are already under construction.

Tuesday, 08 January 2019 17:21

FB Design at NAVDEX 2019

FB Design will be present at NAVDEX 2019, the naval defence and maritime security exhibition in Abu Dhabi, from 17th to 21st February.

Come and find us at Stand: A-005

For more info: www.navdex.ae


Fabio Buzzi back to fly on water and sets the new diesel Powerboat World Speed Record with an incredible speed of 277.515 km/h

The Powerboat World Champion, CEO of FB Design, improves its previous record established in 1992.

The result was certified by two officials of Guinness World Record.

Lake Como, 7 March 2018: Fabio Buzzi has achieved the new Diesel Powerboats World Speed Record, with a boat designed by himself and built by his company FB Design, world leader in the construction of high performance boats for government organizations around the world. Casually, on the same moment, after a long fighting, FB Design has won a very important tender of the “Guardia di finanza” for the supply of an entire class of fast patrol boats of 18 meters, so we can speak about a double victory!
FB Design has a historical relationship since 1983 with IVECO and now with FTP Industrial and with FPT Industrial has developed the diesel engine used for this new technological challenge.
The Record was set on Lake Como, on March the 7th , when the futuristic red "hydroplane" reached the speed of 277.515 km/h, 2 Guinness World Record officials certified the record after the verification usually made with a ritual, carried out with a procedure that guarantees precision to the thousandth of a second, thanks to measurements carried out exclusively by electronic means.

Sunday, 29 October 2017 09:42

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from FB Design!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 13:34

Montecarlo Venezia World Record 2016

Montecarlo Venezia World Record 2016 official video by the Boat Show

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 16:56


On Tuesday July 12th, 2016, the crew headed by entrepreneur Fabio Buzzi and composed of Mario Invernizzi, Antonio Binda, Eric Hoorn, Stefano Gibelli, has succeeded in setting the new record between Montecarlo - Roccella Jonica - Venice.

The previous record, set by Mario Invernizzi in September 2011 with the "Kerakoll" racing boat was 22 hours 13 minutes and 17 seconds. Five years later, with a time of 22 hours 5 minutes and 42 seconds, the boat FB 60’ (a 18-meter, designed for rescue operations and maritime control with two MTU engines of 1600 hp) produced by the shipyard FB Design succeeded in lowering the record by 7 minutes and 35 seconds, with an average speed of 52.3 knots, equal to 97 km/h.

The attempt began on Monday July 11th, 2016 at 9:52:47 AM from Montecarlo with only one refueling in Calabria, at the Porto delle Grazie of Roccella Jonica, placed exactly in the middle of the entire route, and ended on Tuesday the 12th, at 7:58:30 AM at the Lido of Venice, on a very rough sea, in the last 100 miles of the northern Adriatic.

That's not all. On the same route and on the same day, another FB Design boat, the small FB 32’, driven by Roberto Rizzo and Vincenzo Tota, Marco Tassara and Carlo Menoni as crew, powered by two VM Italian engines of 350 hp, left Montecarlo. It also refueled in Roccella Jonica, arriving to Venice after 32 hours 46 minutes and 15 seconds, setting a new record in the junior class up to 9 meters, with an average speed of 35.26 knots (65.38 km/h).

The truly outstanding fact is that both hulls are not racing boats, but intended for military use and produced by FB Design for various military corps in the world, thus demonstrating the absolute superiority of the Italian product in the field of fast professional hulls.

FB Design is delivering two FB 38’ STAB SF to Mongla Port Authority in Bangladesh. This boat is already in use with many military corps for patrolling and rescue missions: Italian Coast Guard, Italian Guardia di Finanza, Ecuador’s Coast Guard and Rwanda’s Defence Forces.

This version is equipped with two common rail FPT N67 inboard diesel engines with 500hp each, Trimax surface drives, ZF gearbox and a spacious cabin with a watertight door. Inside the cabin there are 2 frontal driving seats for the driver and the radio operator and 10 passenger seats, a small kitchen and a bathroom.

The cabin has a FB Condair system for air conditioning, activated by one of the engines, so there is no need to use a power unit.

All the seats on board are designed by FB Design, they all have a suspension system and are shock absorbing, 3 seats are Tecno Dom, and 9 are Tecno Moto (a very resistant seat for long distance troops transportation).
The boat has a top speed of 50 knots and a range of 200 nm at 40 knots.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 18:19

FB 60' SF

18.20 m up to 60kn

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 17:51

New FB 60' SF

The new FB 60’SF is a new boat in the wide-beam FB Design boats range.

Like all the new models, the FB 60’ SF features the Structural Foam® technology, that makes the boat unsinkable and perfect for long search and rescue missions.

Long range, very high habitability patrol/rescue unsinkable boat, suitable for weekly sea mission. The wide-beam offers top level living spaces, with 2m in height in under deck spaces, air conditioning in all closed compartments and many different internal layouts: up to 5 cabins, 2+1 bathrooms, compartment for shipwrecked people.

Top speed is above 60 knots with two inboard engines, and with a range above 500nm.

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