All the Seats of FB Design boats have been developed through the experience achieved in offshore racing, endurance racing and long distance record breaking.
Step by step FB Design has developed a full range of suspension system seats, which have always been carefully tested in very rough conditions for long periods of time.

The first motivation of a suspension system derives from the simple consideration that it is useless to have a boat capable of 70 knots if the driver cannot cope with the strong vertical accelerations generated by waves at high speed. Accelerations can reach levels of over 15G at the moment of impact.


The Tecno DOM is a very solid seat. The base is in aluminum and the ergonomic back rest is a moulded GRP structure, with comfortable poliurethane upholstery.
The seat is shock absorbing, with 120mm vertical stroke and thanks to the electro-hydraulic actuator, the occupant can either sit, stand or adopt any intermediate position. It allows safe and comfortable ride in rough waters, especially in open boats. When coupled, the fixed legs of each seat are joint together, with increased lateral stiffness.

DIMENSIONS: h 1120 X 560 X 490 mm


Developed by FB Design throughout the years, this latest version of Tecno G12 is the state of the art in marine seats. This modular seat has a fixed reinforced carbon fiber structure bolted on the floor, whereas the internal, carbon fiber element will slide vertically through Teflon guides; the twin shock absorbers allow for a 120 mm vertical stroke, and the seat ergonomic will sustain the passenger up to shoulder level.
The electro-hydraulic actuator will incline the bottom seat, to allow to sit, stand, or to adopt any intermediate position.
The 4 points safety belts will guarantee maximum safety in every sea condition.

DIMENSIONS: H 1625 X 560 X 565 mm


Similar to the concept of racing car seats, this solution is dedicated to low profile, fast motorboats. This racing seat offers a great ergonomic protection; the structure is identical to Tecno Single, with a very resistant aluminum frame, shock absorbing with 120 mm vertical stroke. Side protection is guaranteed by the seat ergonomics.

DIMENSIONS: H 1070 X 550 X 665 mm


The Tecno Moto is an entirely aluminum structured seat; it is shock absorbing, with 120 mm vertical stroke. The back rest of the front passenger works as handgrip for the rear passenger.
Very resistant, great comfort for long rides, this seat is military adopted, for long distance troops transportation.

DIMENSIONS: H 960 X 380 X 455 mm (one seat)


This seat has the same construction base as the Tecno Moto, but with best seat ergonomics, plus a wider back rest, which will allow for a better lateral support without necessarily disturbing ammunition belts or similar.

DIMENSIONS: H 1030 X 450 X 480 mm


Built around a solid GRP base, its configuration is defined by a modulus that can be extended in length or laminated in different angles. Thanks to its rational shape it can be used to enhance every space on board.
The comfort and the ergonomy of this sofa combine with the convenience of the big space accessible by lifting the seat cushion.

DIMENSIONS: H 800 X 620 X 1200 (MIN LENGTH) mm


For all those cases where a light, comfortable, eternal seat is needed, FB Design has designed the Wing Sofa: based on an aluminium extrusion of a wing profile, then covered with upholstery, this sofa can be as long as desired and due to its ergonomic shape it offers very good comfort, for a very convenient price. The seat is supported by several ribs, which set the seat height to 45 cm. Back rest is then fixed to the back wall.

DIMENSIONS: H 480 X 450 X 1500 (MIN LENGTH) mm


  • Last Modified: 25/06/2024.