Thursday, 08 March 2018 17:57

New Diesel Power Boat World Speed Record: 277.5 Km/h

Fabio Buzzi back to fly on water and sets the new diesel Powerboat World Speed Record with an incredible speed of 277.515 km/h

The Powerboat World Champion, CEO of FB Design, improves its previous record established in 1992.

The result was certified by two officials of Guinness World Record.

Lake Como, 7 March 2018: Fabio Buzzi has achieved the new Diesel Powerboats World Speed Record, with a boat designed by himself and built by his company FB Design, world leader in the construction of high performance boats for government organizations around the world. Casually, on the same moment, after a long fighting, FB Design has won a very important tender of the “Guardia di finanza” for the supply of an entire class of fast patrol boats of 18 meters, so we can speak about a double victory!
FB Design has a historical relationship since 1983 with IVECO and now with FTP Industrial and with FPT Industrial has developed the diesel engine used for this new technological challenge.
The Record was set on Lake Como, on March the 7th , when the futuristic red "hydroplane" reached the speed of 277.515 km/h, 2 Guinness World Record officials certified the record after the verification usually made with a ritual, carried out with a procedure that guarantees precision to the thousandth of a second, thanks to measurements carried out exclusively by electronic means.


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