Thursday, 10 March 2016 17:16

FB 38' STAB SF for Mongla Port Authority Bangladesh

FB Design is delivering two FB 38’ STAB SF to Mongla Port Authority in Bangladesh. This boat is already in use with many military corps for patrolling and rescue missions: Italian Coast Guard, Italian Guardia di Finanza, Ecuador’s Coast Guard and Rwanda’s Defence Forces.

This version is equipped with two common rail FPT N67 inboard diesel engines with 500hp each, Trimax surface drives, ZF gearbox and a spacious cabin with a watertight door. Inside the cabin there are 2 frontal driving seats for the driver and the radio operator and 10 passenger seats, a small kitchen and a bathroom.

The cabin has a FB Condair system for air conditioning, activated by one of the engines, so there is no need to use a power unit.

All the seats on board are designed by FB Design, they all have a suspension system and are shock absorbing, 3 seats are Tecno Dom, and 9 are Tecno Moto (a very resistant seat for long distance troops transportation).
The boat has a top speed of 50 knots and a range of 200 nm at 40 knots.

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