It’s well known that narrow boats are far superior in rough waters, but can have transversal stability problems at rest. The STAB® arrangement fitted to all FB Design models combines the advantages of both rigid hull and inflatable boats. The boat is laterally stabilized thanks to two inflatable elements located on the rear of the hull, which increase the beam without adding extra weight.

These torpedo-shaped inflatable tubes give additional stability to the narrow hulls both at restand at high speed, and also help to reduce the planing time by offering additional planing surfaces. The additional buoyancy helps to reduce the static draught and makes the boat safer in rough seas because of its damping effect, same as a RIB, with the advantage that a boat with a punched Stab® can finish the mission at high speed. Rope handholds and protecting rubber stripes are fitted on the STAB® tubes. The anti-dive fins at the bow create additional lift to reduce the chance of bow diving in following seas. A patented bonding system allows easy replacement of the STAB® tubes by sliding. The boat is still usable if the tubes are removed or damaged.


  • Last Modified: 13/07/2024.