FB Design 3TAB® system consists of twin side trim tabs, plus eventually a third, central trim tab; a high-sensitivity GPS sensor; and a PC control unit. The system sets the trim tabs angle automatically, in function of speed or it can be operated manually, if required.

Trim tabs are ZF TRIMAX 400I, electro-hydraulic actuated, and all metallic parts are AISI 316 stainless steel.
The pistons, the entire piping and other delicate parts are situated inside the hull and not exposed to salt water. The surfaces in contact with water are protected by sacrificial anodes.
The automatic trim tabs system includes an electronic display, installed on the dashboard, with switches for the automatic control or manual actuation
of each trim tab.
A LCD display indicates the position of the trim tabs on a scale 0 (down) – 99 (up), the speed and the mode of functioning selected. The unit includes a separate switch for retro-lightning (OFF, ON, ½ illumination).
Thanks to the combined use of engines controls and automatic trim tabs system the boat can go on plane with very heavy loads, and obtain maximum acceleration in just a few seconds. In manual mode, the asymmetric use of trim tabs can facilitate turns.



  • Last Modified: 25/06/2024.