14,54 m up to 65 kn


The FB 48' STAB is one of the latest of FB Design innovative creations that has been developed to tighten the gap length of the FB Design model range. Featuring a multi stepped hull, the typical anti stuff bow and the integration of the drives, the FB 48' STAB is a winning hull well tested in many offshore powerboat racing.

With the STAB® concept, it's possible to increase the width of the boat maintaining the rigid hull unchanged, thus obtaining better performance in terms of floatation and stability compared to a rigid hull without tubular members.

The basic configuration features an hardtop open on the back, two rows of three Tecno Single Seats with electrically adjustable seating plane. The six seats are positioned inside the deep and well protected cockpit which has been designed to allow for the installation of ballistic panels. In alternative, the Tecno Single seats can be substituted by the more advanced Tecno G10 Seats with an extremely efficient sprung dump system.

Access to the cabin under deck where a toilet, a pantry and the sleeping quarters are located, is via a watertight door in the cockpit. In the dry cabin could fit also up to 6 Tecno Moto seats. A rotational seat can be installed on the deck at bow.

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  • Last Modified: 27/05/2024.