FB 41' SF

12,52 m up to 58 kn


The new FB 41’ SF combines all the best features of the FB Design newest models.

The hull is totally mathematically designed and the models of its parts are all realized with a CAD-CAM system thanks to a 5 axis milling machine.

The boat is made of two GRP structured shells, hull and the deck, each laminated into GRP female moulds, then glued together and filled with polyurethane foam.

The boat features a series of innovative solutions mainly based on the Structural Foam® technology, that makes the boat a stable unsinkable platform. The boat structure is designed with five longitudinal frame members with closed cells polyurethane foam injected to fill the cavities existing between the moulded hull, the moulded deck and these longitudinal structures. The result is a sturdy and unsinkable working platform, quiet when impacting water (very important for the comfort during the navigation) and easy to repair. Closed cells foam is not simply a filler, adding dead-weight to the boat, but is part of the structure that is transformed into a so-called macro-sandwich, made of the outer and inner lamination, with the foam working as the core of such laminate, but with a strong longitudinal structure in addition.

The engine room and the air intakes are part of the deck. That means that the interior surface of the engine room has a smooth gelcoat finishing (avoiding fibreglass grinding and painting and allows a fast and clean fitting of engines, drives and electronics parts), while the integrated air intakes have a filter that separates the water from the air, avoiding the risk to have water in the engine room.
The boat can be fitted with any kind of engine and drive system: conventional immersed propeller drive lines, surface drives, outboard engines or waterjets.

The surface drives are ZF Trimax, practically maintenance-free and providing very high performances. The boat is also equipped with FB Design patented electronic controlled 3TAB® system, while the gearbox is the incredibly efficient ZF 312TS, where TS means Two Speed, capable of incredible payload capacity and acceleration in rough waters. Many other power-plants are available.

The cockpit arrangements is flexible: the basic boat is arranged with the hard-top, n.5 damped seats in 2 rows and a forward cabin fitted with galley, toilet and 2 bunks. The cabin can be removed to leave an open working cockpit also available for a rotational seat.

The deck has also a very large and comfortable walk-around that makes very easy and safe to move around the boat.

The hard-top has a reverse windshield to avoid reflections of light and reducing power required for the air conditioning of the wheelhouse and is removable to fit inside the Hercules C130 airplane.



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