RIB 24'

7,49 m up to 48 kn


The heart of this boat is its innovative hull which features for the first time a stepped hull coupled to a water jet propulsion system. It is thanks to this new patented design that the RIB 24' can achieve speeds of up to 48 knots in complete safety, with enhanced stability given by the low to the water inflatable collar, which is fixed to the boat by aluminium anodized profiles.

Rather then a conventional hull the RIB has improved stability as the inflatable collar provide additional buoyancy on the longitudinal and transversal axes and allows for higher payloads to be carried without influencing the stability of the vessel. The RIB offers also a more comfortable ride, especially in rough sea conditions as the inflatable collars when in contact with the waves serves as a pneumatic suspension system.

The RIB 24' has been designed with an eye on simplicity and functionality in order to ensure the maximum operating hours and a minimum down time. The scope was to place on the market a boat with minimum maintenance and performances adequate for the most demanding entities.

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  • Last Modified: 13/07/2024.