Saturday, 01 October 2011 23:13

New Montecarlo - Venice Record: 22h 13' 17"


October 2011

There are 1141 nautical miles between Venice and Montecarlo. Fabio Buzzi had, until recently, the record in 23h 55', with the average of 43 knots.

But progress and technology advance, and here we have a new amazing record, this time written by Mario Invernizzi that left Montecarlo on Sunday morning September 25th and arrived in Venice after 22h 13' 17” with an average speed of 51.346 knots.

Mario Invernizzi's engines are two FPT Cursor 90, 6 cylinders 9 litres with 650 HP and Common Rail injection. This is the sensational side: to beat a world record by 4 nodes is already news, but to beat it with a hull of the same size, consuming 5355 litres instead of 10800 is the truly exceptional aspect. Especially at a time of heavy crisis in the marine industry, where everybody is going against the absurd consumption of certain hulls.

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