Friday, 10 February 2012 00:00

New FB 41' SF

February 2012

The new FB 41' SF has a totally mathematically designed hull and it features all the new technologies of the FB design boats. The main innovative solution is the Structural Foam® technology, already in use on several FB boats, but completely improved in this new model, making the boat an even more stable and unsinkable platform.

The engine room and the air intakes are here part of the deck, making the interior surface of the engine room a smooth gelcoat surface, while the integrated air intakes have a filter that separates the water from the air.

The boat can be fitted with any kind of engine and drive system, the existing demo boat, available for trials, is powered by the renowned Italian FPT C90 engines and the surface drives are ZF Trimax.

The cockpit arrangements is flexible for many different solutions. The hard-top has a reverse windshield and the deck has a very large and comfortable walk-around that makes very easy and safe to move around the boat.

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